Managing a legacy backup environment is a hassle.


Venn IT changes all that.


We have been working with large enterprise customers in Australia to assess and remove tape technologies from their environments. Enabling our customers to spend less time rotating and managing legacy tape technologies and more time on value-adding activities.

A key Venn IT offering is our assessment service, which provides an upfront report of the comparative costs of your current environment and an alternative cloud-based approach. The assessment scope can be extended and customised to include any governance, risk regulatory compliance requirements for the specific organisation.



Cloud storage offers much higher levels of durability and redundancy compared to legacy tape technologies.



Ease of performing backups into the cloud.


Infinite Scalability

Easy to scale to meet future requirements



Reductions in media handling and manual intervention when using cloud.

Limitless Benefits To Your…


Simply moving away from tape and leveraging a cloud-based storage approach has saved some of our customers up to 34 per cent in yearly costs just by eliminating tape management and with no compromise on quality.

Operational Efficiencies

Removing the hassle of constant tape rotation and time-consuming, on-going maintenance, enables our customers to spend more time on value-adding activities. By switching to a cloud-based approach our customers eliminated the inefficiencies due to media handling, storage and manual intervention.

Risk & Disaster Recovery Management

Our customers have significantly reduced complexities by streamlining their data management approach, which has afforded them the confidence that in the unlikely event of a failure, their data is never too far away from being restored.

Case Studies

PFD Food Services

Digital Transformation

Backup to Cloud

Out with the old, in with the new.

If you're scratching your head at the very idea of ditching tape, use our handy estimator and begin to imagine the possibilities.



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