Combat hackers that are targeting your Commvault backup data

Venn IT Commvault Backup Data Security Risk Assessment

In response to the recent surge in hackers targeting enterprise backup environments, Venn IT Solutions has created a 21-point backup security assessment.

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Hackers are now focused on attacking your backup environments as their priority. They are now more sophisticated and experienced with their enterprise environment attacks. In recent months hackers have been ransomware attacks, completing targeted campaigns on backup environments. IT leaders often turn to their Commvault backup solutions to restore their data as a last line of defense. Your backup data protection environment is now becoming the initial target of these daily attacks. 

Instead of going straight for the crown jewels (Your primary environments), hackers are now disarming users, then destroy the backup environment to remove your safety net, and then go after your primary environments before demanding a ransom or threatening leak of confidential information or personal data causing embarrassment if payment isn’t received. In response to this, we’ve developed our robust 21-point security assessment for Commvault based backup environments.

Commvault backup environment 21-point security assessment

Mitigate a ransomware attack and protect your safety net by investing in our specialist security assessment for your Commvault based backup environment. Venn IT Solutions have developed a robust 21-point backup security assessment that comes complete with detailed recommendations, traffic light legend to indicate if things have been completed, cost, and level of complexity to remediate.

What our security assessment includes review of:

Have a disaster recovery option for your backup environment?

A copy of your catalogue in disc-based environments is critical to recovery efforts. Our review process ensures that your company has a plan and is following best practice process, storage, and access rights.

Immutable Storage in Cloud

Immutable storage enables adopters to designate specific data that will be stored in a form that can never be tampered with, modified or removed.

Backup data security and encryption


Good practice to prevent brute force and bad actors

Our review process ensures that your company is following good practices for prevention of brute force attacks and bad actors.

Advanced redirection for hackers

The use of Honeypot is considered best practice so hackers try to remove a dummy backup that has no effect from a hack.

Monitoring backup environment and identifying abnormal activity


Good security practices, operations and processes

Good security extends into the backup environment. To support ongoing security good practices, it is best to adapt your operations, backup configuration, authentication (2FA), processes, and procedures. This includes securing your implementation, who has access and leveraging timeout rules.

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We are experts in enterprise data backup and recovery solutions. We are the leaders in the protection of your Commvault business data and protection of your last line of defence. Venn IT Solution Commvault Backup Security Assessment gives you straightforward insights to improve your backup processes. The backup security assessment results inform important decisions during the transition, showing you return on investment, system bottlenecks and architectural limits.

Our enterprise data backup and recovery solutions are powered by Commvault. Commvault received the highest scores across Public Cloud, Virtual and Physical Server environments in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Critical Capabilities for Backup and Recovery.

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