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Cloud can undoubtedly simplify some aspects of IT, yet planning, selecting the best solution and making the transition can be remarkably complex. It is vital to evaluate where each workload should be located according to a variety of business drivers, not only from a technical but also from a legislative and cultural perspective.

Our focus is to ensure that your business objectives are met with the best possible technical solution, that solution may be all off-premise, on-premise or a hybrid solution that gives you the best of both worlds. Venn’s belief is that our only vested interest should be in getting the best results for our clients.

Because of the complex interdependency of most systems and applications, we conduct discovery services and workshops. These activities ensure that each workload is assessed carefully, with all potential outcomes taken into account, before a move to cloud.

Each of the major cloud businesses has its strengths and differences; all cloud offerings are certainly not the same. While rushing into cloud is not something we’d recommend, a considered cloud solution does not have to take forever. We know cloud, and our specialists are experienced at guiding the IT choices of some of Australia’s most successful businesses.

The Right Cloud

Not all cloud providers are the same, so we use a defined methodology to make recommendations that take into account the factors relevant to your business. Among the business drivers and criteria to be considered in any workload relocation are:

      • Availability
      • Agility and scale
      • Cost
      • Performance
      • Security
      • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Venn IT is
a cloud specialist with a
difference. We are proudly
independent. This means that
we consider the benefits and
detailed offerings of each cloud
provider, so we can help you to
make sensible choices, for
a cloud deployment mix that is
designed to suit your

Our Credentials


Venn IT was formed by a team of skilled IT professionals dedicated to bringing together business understanding, market opportunities and technical innovation. We care about making cloud solutions that help our customers to increase their agility and manage their costs.

The secret to finding the right solution begins with asking the right questions, then listening carefully. It is important that we get to know your ambitions and your concerns. By taking time to look beyond technical needs, at an organisation’s people, culture, values and business objectives we are able to understand what will give you the most natural cloud fit.

When you work with Venn IT, you can expect straight-talking, careful consideration and ready access to our experts. You can trust us to make choices independently of any cloud provider allegiances, and to always work in your best interests.

Our People


Venn IT was established by experienced IT specialists with a knack for matching the best technology solutions to
the business needs of some of Australia’s most successful organisations.

Geoff Hughes brings more than twenty years of IT experience. He has specialised in datacentre technologies and virtualisation for the last seventeen years, giving him a strong foundation to help customers capitalise on the industry transformation occurring today. Geoff has worked with major education and healthcare organisations, as well as for a well-known technology vendor, before specialising in systems integration.

Rob Cargill has guided many organisations safely and effectively through the immense technology changes of the last 25 years in his role as a systems integrator. Known for his ability to quietly get the job done. Rob’s insights into business drivers have proven invaluable in devising technology solutions that stand out.

James Thomas has a background in systems integration, major cloud-related projects and customised technology solutions in difficult environments. Through this, he has earned a reputation as a hard-working, ethical technologist focused on outcomes that benefit every customer he works with.

Kate Switala is a financial accountant and bookkeeper and has proven herself
to be an integral member of the Venn IT team extending the traditional
role to keep the business organised and compliant.

Steve Curtin has a wealth of experience in Enterprise Backup and recovery. Most recently he has been engaged transform the backup environments at Transurban and Gold Coast City Council.

Trent Muller has had a diverse background of skills with a focus on Enterprise
Backup and recovery and a large scale Office 365 environment. Most recently Trent worked for Brisbane Catholic Education where he was involved with removal of tape based technologies.

Our Projects


Technology projects can be as many and as varied as the unique business challenges and opportunities they address. Some of the projects The Venn IT team has conducted include:

  • Cloud migration services, including ‘all-in’ entire workloads;
  • Technology refresh projects where core on-premise equipment is replaced by a combination of “fit for purpose” equipment, plus movement of appropriate workloads to cloud hosting;
  • Scale out infrastructure designs to support the increasing demands on IT infrastructure faced by organisations in all industries;
  • Customised remote location solutions, taking into consideration unique challenges for businesses working in some of Australia’s most extreme environments; and
  • Backup ‘disk to disk to cloud’ projects to enable enterprise grade backup and recovery, with cost-effective options for long term archival of data



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